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Historically, salons served as a place where philosophers, mathematicians, journalists, artists, poets and writers could meet and debate and discuss a variety of topics from different fields. Currently, it has many incarnations in urban environments including the NYC Creative Salon and the Tech Salon. These salons provide an excellent place for intimate creative conversations to take place and for makers and theorists to collaborate. On the other hand, the One Salon (started in Palo Alto by Max Song, Adrik McIlroy and  Rafael Cosman) found a way to be a lot more open — e.g. diversity in topics, backgrounds, interests — while making an attempt to preserve talk quality and depth. Our goal is to combine the best aspects of both of these salons. 

We fundamentally believe that both lecture and discussion are necessary for our events and our only requirement for speakers is that they construct an activity that encourages conversation and lets attendees feel the material they learn. As such, the NYC Salon strives to be something whose Twitter description would be, "TED with friends." 

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to speak at an upcoming salon!


Tarun Chitra, Founder

Organizing Board
Jennifer Cheng, Aaron Cohn, Steve Dean, Alice Wong, Dot Zhang

Jesse Beyroutey, Eugene Dobry, Yakov Falkovich, Ariel Field, Bryce Frost, Camille Goldin, Chloe Ho, Geoff Li, Sara Liu, Serena May, Brandon Plaster, Rae Tao