Session 2: Elise


This week's topic/theme: Elise Czajkowski (see bio below) will be talking to us about what makes things funny and up-and-coming comics in NYC


If you like comedy and live in New York, you’ve probably come across Elise Czajkowski’s work. “Comedy journalism” is a burgeoning field, and Elise is at the helm. She writes the comedy listings for the New York Times each week and has penned features for the New York Times, The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Vulture, and Splitsider, among others. In Elise’s words, she “takes comedy very seriously and reads the Economist for fun.”

Elise graduated from NYU with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and International Politics. She has served as a judge for Punderdome (the beloved Brooklyn pun competition), written questions for the BBC 4 quiz show “Only Connect” and audio described plays for blind audiences.