Session 4: Salman


Next topic/theme: Booms, Busts and Rationality: Some reflections from the frontlines of finance

Professor Arif will be talking to us about cutting-edge behavioral finance research and his experience with the global financial crisis from both an academic and personal perspective. Dr. Arif gained valuable insights into the inner workings of the financial system as an exotic derivatives trader at JP Morgan from 2003 to 2006 and turned his experiences on Wall Street into fruitful research on the main causes of boom and bust cycles. Salman will share reflections from the frontlines of finance, including the pressing intellectual and academic issues associated with the crisis and what we can learn from research on booms and busts to predict and prevent them. 


Salman Arif is a business school professor at Indiana University. Prior to entering finance, he worked on the multispectral image processing system aboard the Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers launched by NASA/JPL in 2003. After the successful launch of the Mars rovers he joined JP Morgan in NYC, where he traded exotic equity and credit derivatives. He left Wall Street in 2006 for the pastoral land of Palo Alto, California to pursue his PhD at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, turning his first-hand observations from the frontlines of finance into fruitful research on the driving forces behind boom and bust cycles. For more information about Dr. Arif, see his academic profile.